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PMB017 John Barry: Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (06/02/2011)

On this special bumper edition of the show we'll be celebrating the astonishing, iconic work of the greatest film soundtrack composer of the 20th century, John Barry, who sadly left us last weekend. His music was known - and loved - by literally millions of people. In fact it's hard to imagine anyone in the Western world who isn't at least aware of the great man's music. Honorary Moon Lord John Barry will be greatly missed.

For our own humble celebration of the great man's work, every tune on this week's show is a Barry composition. Some are played by the man himself but mostly they're played in a selection of weird and wonderful ways by some of our favourite artists.

In addition to all the John Barry, MC Zirconium will also be asking us to contemplate the handsome dining room of the Hotel Wessex with its gilded plaster shields and the mural depicting the green mountains.

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